More than an advisory firm

Maruti Associates is a global advisory firm with a clear vision to support SMEs achieve their capital needs. Our satisfaction lies in enabling you to achieve the potential for your company’s growth.

We serve of our partner

  • 40 associates with global exposure and combined decades of experience ensure a result-driven approach where you receive desired trade financing solutions on time.

  • We have served more than 100 customers across 60 countries in our 20 years of Investment Banking and Trade Finance experience.

  • We have strategic management and a relationship-driven approach to serve the middle market companies on a global scale.

  • Our expertise lies in providing financial services for Investment Banking and Trade Financing requirements. Our clients range across a variety of:

  • Includes newly formed companies, Partnerships, Proprietorships Individuals, Startups, Running Units, Traders, Importers, Exporters, contractors, etc.

  • Includes private funds, banks, family offices, and non-traditional sources.


Why should you choose us?

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    Maruti Associates is in line with evolving due diligence and the need for implementing digital solutions. We have developed our services with top credit agencies and the latest trends in the investment management industry so that our clients can achieve full growth potential.

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    We believe in leveraging our resources and learning from our clients. With a relationship-driven approach and deep understanding of the industry, Maruti Associates constantly believes in learning, updating, and applying knowledge derived from its clients.

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    Having 20 years of experience in the Investment Banking Industry and providing Trade Finance Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises provides us an unfair advantage of unparalleled insight into the operations of companies and knowing the pulse of the trends in the industry. Our associates have a combined industry experience of more than 75 years.With this experience, we have served over 100 clients across 60 countries.