Export Finance

If you are into the business of exporting goods overseas, we provide receivables financing solutions at a global level.

Our services ensure your export financing is executed on time so that your business runs smoothly. We work across various industries ranging from apparel, FMCG, goods, etc with added benefits for cash advances and credit protection.

By outsourcing your international export factoring, you can focus on your business growth via
- maintaining stable cashflows
- limiting any exposure to potential bad debts with short-term financing
- organizing your collections across various trade transactions

Our job is to eliminate risks associated with the trade and enable specific cross-border transactions to ensure smooth workflows for your business.

Financing: We provide advance funds for up to 95% of the invoice value within 24-48 hours.

Credit Protection: We conduct relevant due diligence for risks associated with credit between the buyer and seller. This gives you an assurance of creditworthiness for your customers.

Collection and Reporting: We can do the bookkeeping of receivables on your behalf for all your local trade deals in foreign lands.

1. Provide us with the trade order invoice copy along with the history of trading with your buyer. We will gauge the feasibility based on buyer history
2. Post verification and due diligence, we will issue the funds to the Supplier
3. Once your invoice matures, the buyer pays Maruti Associates, which in turn is released to you.

Contact our team for further assistance.

North America
USA Canada , Mexico, Costa Rica , Panama ,Puerto Rico , West Indies.

South America
Chile ,Colombia ,Flask Island ,French Guiana ,Peru , Uruguay

Austria , France ,Belgium , Lithuania ,Liechtenstein, Czech Republic , Luxembourg ,Denmark, Malta, Estonia, Netherlands , Finland , Norway, Poland ,Germany, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Iceland ,Spain , Italy ,Sweden ,Latvia ,Switzerland , Andorra , Armenia, Azerbaijan , Belarus , Georgia , Monaco, Ukraine , United Kingdom , Vatican City

Brunei ,Hong Kong ,Israel ,Japan ,South Korea ,Kuwait ,Macao, Malaysia , Oman , Saudi Arabia ,Singapore , Taiwan ,UAE, India

Australia , New Zealand