Frequently Asked Questions

Maruti Associates is leading advisory firm since 2001 online trusted by D&B We are not a Security broker or a Security dealer nor we take any deposit nor we give any loans , Nor we suggest to give any deposits to others company. Our role is matchmaking and assess the risk of the clients we have relations with no of banks and intuitions globally who are ready to take the risk in Import and export financing , and other financial transactions. Our Services to connect our client to institutions who can take the risk on clients profile. We work on 100% win win fee basis only . Maruti Associates LTD is also registered in Seychelles as business finance Consultants.

A middleman has a buyer and a seller. His buyer wants to pay cash against documents or when the goods arrive. The middleman needs to arrange for the goods to ship so that he can finish the deal. The supplier wants a deposit or a letter of credit before he will ship the goods. The buyer opens the letter of credit through our company. In this way he doesn’t need to use his own capital to do the deal. He is not as limited in the number of deals that he can do as a middleman since he doesn’t need to use his own capital to do the deal.

A client buying regularly from his supplier is opening letters of credit or making deposits, etc. This means that he is using his own funds collateral even before the goods are received. The longer the manufacture and shipment period, the more advantageous it is for the client to use our letters of credit. Instead of locking his funds up with his supplier, he can use his money to hold stock, finance credit terms to regular buyers, market, etc.
When the letter of credit is opened through us, he does not need to use his money until the goods arrive. This can be any amount of days after the letter of credit was opened.

Fill out our application form After KYC , we will be able to provide you with a quote for the fee and a letter of credit draft. Get our letter of credit draft accepted with your supplier/beneficiary.
Pay our fees and get indemnity documents signed and notarized.
One of our partner financial institutions will issue your letter of credit and SWIFT it to the beneficiary’s bank.
A beneficiary will send documents back to finance institution and ship your goods to your port of destination.
When the documents arrive, we will email over the copies of all of the documents to you. At this time we will also check the documents as per the terms. Documents include the bill of lading, invoice, insurance certificate, certificate of origin, and whichever documents you require.
When the goods arrive, if required they go into a bonded warehouse. Here you may inspect the goods. If the goods are satisfactory, you can pay the supplier in exchange for all of the original documents.

Before paying any fees, MA will give you a L/C draft to send to your beneficiary. Once the beneficiary has accepted the verbiage, you can pay your fees and we will SWIFT out the documents within 1-2 business days. But once the instrument is issued all fee paid to banks and MA Become non refundable

Anyone can open a letter of credit with us for a fee. Your credit rating or standing with the bank or lender has no effect.

We provide 90% (minus our charges) +2% broker fee of the finance against shipment, which is the highest in export factoring Industry
We accept longer payment terms up to 150 days
Just fill the form we will tell you whether we have give the limits or not

We accept the application form North America/EUROPE/AUSTRALA /NEW ZELAND /UAE: Open account/CAD/DP/LC
ASIA: only CAD/DP and LC payment method accepted
Africa and Russia: We do not accept buyers/sellers from these territory.